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Now is the time, our flight attendant workgroup must stand together to form one united voice. Together, we can be truly organized, prepared, and empowered to “sit at the table” and execute a true relationship among equals with our company through CUPE. I am a proud WestJet owner, I have earned my place at the table. I deserve nothing less.

WestJet Cabin Crew Member

You deserve the support of a national union and the resources and expertise it can provide to give you a strong voice at work.

To sign a CUPE union card, there are two simple steps:

To sign a CUPE membership application card, click here.

To learn more, contact, call 1-844-437-1822 or contact your local organizer:

TORONTO: Daniela Scarpelli, (416) 458-0588,

CALGARY: Patrick Barbosa, (250) 618-9961,

VANCOUVER: David Fleming, (778) 928-7542,

MONTREAL: Sophie Cunningham, (514) 236-0175,