Your CUPE/WestJet staff team

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CUPE staff members assigned to WestJet are meeting in Edmonton today to coordinate and work on your issues. Put faces to the names of the people working hard for you.
Back row from left: Mary Elizabeth Archer – Support Staff (Edmonton), Lou Arab – Communications Representative (Edmonton), Troy Winters – Health and Safety Director, Janet Dassinger – Airlines Researcher (Ottawa), Alejandro Pachon – Research Representative (Edmonton), Audrey Barr – Education Representative (Edmonton), Chantale Grenon-Nyenhuis – National Office (Ottawa), Carla Cooper – Support Staff (Edmonton), Ella Henry – Legal Representative (Edmonton). Seated from left: Sanford Lee – National Representative (YVR), Aneen Albus – National Representative (YYC), Faiz Ahmed – National Representative (YYZ). Inset – Kelly Bateman – Support Staff (Calgary).

Election for President starts Tuesday

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Elections for the position of President begin tomorrow (Tuesday November 13th) at 6:00 am MST with polls remaining open until Monday November 19th at 6:00 pm MST.

There are five candidates standing for President:

Benoit, Brigitte: click here for more info
Rauenbusch, Chris: click here for more info
Simmonds, Patricia: click here for more info
Steed, Ashley: click here for more info
Zalac, Boris: click here for more info

Ballots will be sent by email using tomorrow. At the end of balloting, the candidate with the most votes will be elected President of CUPE Local 4070 for a two-year term.


Some members had difficulty getting ballots during the bylaw ratification vote. We’ve worked very hard to clean up our lists and fix many of the issues. While we expect the next round of voting to be much smoother, some individuals may still have problems.

Please read this carefully and take any actions possible that might affect you.

If you voted during the bylaw vote, you should get your ballot automatically.

There are several reasons you might not receive a ballot:

1. You are not a member. If you receive this bulletin by email, CUPE has you on file as a member in good standing. For others, to vote in a CUPE election, you must have signed a membership card and paid your $5.00 initiation fee. You can do that here: If you are not sure about your membership status, contact Lou Arab at

You must be a member by November 16th at 5:00 pm MST to vote in the Presidential election.

2. You are a member, and you are a CM/OOT. Until the issue of CM/OOTs being part of the CUPE certification is resolved, WestJet is not sharing the full employee list of these members. CUPE will honour your membership and let you participate in the local while we wait for this issue to be resolved. However, it has affected the accuracy of our database. If you believe you are a member in this category, let Lou Arab know ( and we can quickly make a check and add you to the voters list if necessary.

3. CUPE doesn’t have your email address, or we have an incorrect email address. CUPE will not send bulletins or e-ballots to email addresses at, we need a personal email address. If you have filled out a membership card, CUPE should have your personal email address. However, mistakes happen and sometimes email addresses are entered incorrectly. We work very hard to track down members with email addresses that bounce. But if the incorrect email doesn’t bounce back, we won’t know there has been a mistake until we are contacted by the member effected. If you might be in this category – contact Lou Arab at

4. Your e-ballot ended up in the spam/junk mail folder. This seems to happen to members with and email addresses the most. Please check your spam folders and if you find any email from CUPE or, please add us to your ‘safe senders’ list.

5. The e-ballot was never delivered. There are a small number of members (again, mostly with and email accounts) where the e-ballot was blocked by the receiving mail server. We have developed a workaround to this, but members in this category have to contact Lou Arab at to let him know you don’t have a ballot.

If you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card here: to join CUPE today!

Flair Don’t Care!

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Flair Airlines is trying to reduce the wages of Flight Attendants by 30%.  Please share the video to tell them not to.

Election process, questions, and voting schedule

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Remember to nominate your colleagues for positions in your local!

Please read this bulletin carefully in its entirety as there are important details about local elections and the voting process.

There have been a number of emails received requesting clarification on the nomination process and here some answers:

  1. Can a person be nominated for more than one (1) position?

Yes. A person can be nominated for all positions however both the nominee and nominator must be members in good standing for the nomination to be valid.

  1. Can a person nominate themselves?

No. A person must be nominated by another member and both the nominee and nominator must be members in good standing for the nomination to be valid.

  1. Does a person that receives more nominations that other people have an advantage?

No. It doesn’t matter if a person is nominated one (1) time or twenty (20) times for the same position, their name will only appear on the ballot once.

  1. If I accept the nomination for all of the positions I may be nominated for how do I decide which one to take?

There are Officer positions outlined in the bylaws.  An individual can only be elected to and hold one (1) of these positions. For example, if you are nominated and accept the nomination for the President, Vice-President and Base Vice-President and are elected as the President you are no longer on the ballot for the Vice-President or Base Vice-President.

  1. Can I accept a nomination for more than one (1) committee?

Yes. The restriction for only holding one (1) position applies only to the positions of:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • YVR Base Vice-President
  • YYC Base Vice-President
  • YYZ Base Vice-President
  • 3 year Trustee
  • 2 year Trustee
  • 1 year Trustee
  1. I am on a leave, can I still run for a position?

Yes. As long as you are a Cabin Crew member and a CUPE 4070 member in good standing you can run for a position while on leave.  However, there are meeting attendance requirements outlined in the bylaws that must be adhered to.

  1. If I am elected for a position, who will cover any travel arrangements and expenses for me to attend meetings, are these paid positions?

The bylaws give the authority to the elected Board to make those determinations.

  1. I am an OOT or Cabin Manager, but I am stepping down what designation should be on the nomination form?

The classification you are in as of  4PM MST on October 29, 2018 is the classification that must be on the nomination form.

  1. Can I run for a position if I am an OOT or Cabin Manager?

Yes. Until the decision is made by the CIRB, CUPE considers you members, however both the nominee and nominator must be members in good standing for the nomination to be valid.

All nomination forms must be either filled out electronically or printed and scanned and sent by email to Kelly Bateman at by 4PM MST on October 29, 2018.

For further information on the duties of the positions or committees, please refer to the bylaws.

Nomination form for officers: 

Nomination form for Base VPs, Shop Stewards:

Nomination form for committees:

CUPE 4070 Bylaws 
French (Not yet available)

Sign a CUPE 4070 membership card and pay the initiation fee here.

Next steps:

Beginning on October 30, 2018 all of the people who have been nominated will be sent an email from Kelly Bateman asking if they will allow their name to stand on the ballot.

These individuals will have until 4PM MST on November 9th to accept or decline the nomination.

All nominees that accept will be given the opportunity, as per the bylaws to provide a one (1) page (8.5×11 size) information sheet which will be posted on our website (, with links sent by email to  all members in good standing.

Candidates must send their information sheets to Lou Arab at larab@cupe.caat least 48 hours before voting begins to be posted on the website.

The voting process will commence the week of November 12th, 2018.

All elections, as per the bylaws will run for seven (7) days.

Only members in good standing can vote in any election. Any Flight Attendant who signs a CUPE membership form 48 hours or more before any particular vote will be sent a ballot by email.

As with the bylaw vote, any issues regarding voting and/or membership are to be forwarded to Lou Arab at

The order of elections will be:

Votes by all members in good standing

  • President – 2 year term (Election period – Nov 13 – Nov 19)
  • Vice-President – 1 year term (Election period – Nov 20 – Nov 26)
  • Secretary Treasurer – 1 year term (Election period – Nov 27 – Dec 3)
  • Recording Secretary – 2 year term (Election period – Dec 4 – Dec 10)

Votes by base for all members in good standing

  • YVR Base Vice-President – 2 year term (Election period Dec 11-Dec 17)
  • YYC Base Vice-President – 2 year term (Election period Dec 11–Dec 17)
  • YYZ Base Vice-President – 2 year term (Election period Dec 11–Dec 17)

These remaining votes will be in the new year, with exact dates to follow:

Open for vote by all members in good standing

  • 3 year Trustee
  • 2 year Trustee
  • 1 year Trustee

Open for vote by base for all members in good standing

  • Fifteen (15) YVR Shop Stewards – 2 year term
  • Fifteen (15) YYC Shop Stewards – 2 year term
  • Fifteen (15) YYZ Shop Stewards – 2 year term
  • All committee positions

If you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card here: to join CUPE today!


Call for nominations

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CUPE Local 4070 elections – call for nominations.


Nominations are now open for the following positions:

  • President (2 year position)
  • Vice President/Chief Steward (1 year position)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (1 year position)
  • Recording Secretary (2 year position)
  • Trustees (3 year, 2 year, 1 year)
  • Base Vice Presidents (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto – all 2 year positions)
  • Shop Stewards (15 per base, 2 year positions)
  • Committee members.

Full list of positions
(En français ici.)

Candidates for all positions, as well as the people nominating them, must be CUPE members in good standing.

Nominations close October 29th, 4:00 MST.

Nominations forms

Please print and fill out these forms to nominate a CUPE member for any position.  All forms must be emailed to  by October 29th, 2018 at 4:00PM MST.

Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Trustees)
(En français)

Base Vice Presidents, Shop Stewards 
(En français)

Committee members 
(En français)


Bylaws ratified / Ratification des règlements

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Balloting closed Wednesday evening on the ratification of our Local bylaws.

Ballots cast: 851

Yes: 831 (97.6%)

No: 20 (2.4%)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to cast a ballot.

The next step will be election of the new Local executive. We will be in touch soon with details of the process, call for nominations, and schedule of elections.



If you have friends or co-workers at Mainline who have not signed CUPE membership cards, they can still do so at Flight Attendants must be CUPE members to vote in upcoming executive elections.


If you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card here: to join CUPE today!



Le scrutin sur la ratification des règlements de notre section locale a pris fin mercredi soir.

Bulletins de vote : 851

Oui : 831 (97,6 %)

Non : 20 (2,4 %)

Merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont pris le temps de voter.

La prochaine étape sera l’élection du nouvel exécutif de la section locale. Nous communiquerons les détails du processus, l’appel à candidatures et le calendrier des élections sous peu.



Si vous recevez ce courrier électronique, c’est que votre carte de membre et vos droits d’adhésion ont été reçus. Vous avez donc le droit de participer à l’assemblée et à tous les votes.

Si vous avez des amis ou des collègues à la ligne principale qui n’ont pas signé la carte de membre du SCFP, ceux-ci peuvent toujours le faire à l’adresse Les agents de bord doivent être membres du SCFP pour pouvoir voter lors des prochaines élections à l’exécutif.

Si vous avez des amis chez Encore ou Swoop, encouragez-les à signer leur carte d’adhésion au SCFP ici :


Fact Friday: Your questions from the telephone town hall

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the telephone town hall on Wednesday.

If you missed the call, and you want to hear it. You can listen to a recording on line here:

There were a lot of excellent questions asked both in the call itself, and in the recordings by individual members that didn’t make it to the call.  We will try to answer some of those questions here.

Note: We’ve edited some of the questions for clarity and brevity.

LINDA:  Does CUPE have any input on the selection of 787/widebody Flight Attendants?

At this time, CUPE has very little input into this issue.  CUPE’s position is that with minor training, all Flight Attendants are qualified to work on all flights, regardless of the airplane model.  We believe all staff should have equal opportunity to bid on these flights, with details to be worked out after consultation with members.

Until there is a new contract in place, WestJet has the right to have a separate system for selecting Flight Attendants for separate airplane models.  MOU #14 of the Cabin Crew Agreement foresees this issue and gives WestJet the ability to implement the flight selection model they are currently using.

LISE ANNE: Is it true we will have to pay back pay from the time CUPE was voted in? Do I have to save up for that?

Normally dues are not retroactive. However, until the Local executive is elected and engage in consultation with CUPE National and members, the structure is unknown.

JENNIFER: What will the role of our PSM and CSLs look like moving forward? If you have an issue with scheduling or childcare would you call your shop steward or your PSM?

If you have an issue with any manager or supervisor, it is always best to try to sort it out with them first.  Even with a collective agreement in place, managers have the right to manage.

If a manager makes a decision that you feel is in contravention of part of the collective agreement or a WestJet policy, and you are unable to resolve the matter by talking to the manager, then you can talk about it with a shop steward and decide if more action is necessary.

CALLER: Will these negotiations and bargaining have any possible effect in our future profit share and investing into our company shares?

Any and all wages and benefits can be negotiated between a union and employer, and our situation at WestJet is no different. That does not mean that profit sharing has to go. The bargaining committee, acting on the surveys that members fill out about their priorities can choose to raise these issues, try to keep the status quo, or make any changes at the bargaining table.

LESLEY: As a cabin manager, I have signed a card, but there is no ruling. Do we have a right to vote on the bylaws, or do we have to abstain?

CUPE is honoring the CCMs and OOTs who sign membership cards until there is a ruling. You have a right to vote on bylaws, elections and all other union business for now.

However, there is some confusion on our lists, as WestJet is not including employees in these positions in the contact information they give CUPE.  If you are a member and have not received a ballot to vote on the bylaws, please contact Acting Returning Officer Lou Arab at 

RYLEY: What is the minimum percentage that the dues have to be?

CUPE National has a per capita dues rate of 0.85% of earnings. So dues will have to be at least that much, with an added amount for the local to manage bargaining, grievance handling, and other matters.  Most other airline locals have their dues set at 1.5% of earnings (which includes the 0.85 going to the National Union).

MAUREEN: I have a question regarding stock options. There are rumours that we will lose our employee share purchase plan. Can you answer that? Are there other airlines with stock options for Flight Attendants? Our health benefits are not very good for what we pay, is this something CUPE can address, or is it something that is totally WestJet related?  When it comes to retiring, when there is a buyout, is that something that CUPE handles, or is it something that just WestJet handles?

Those are a lot of questions! There is no reason to believe Flight Attendants will lose stock options. See the answer to that question above.

Health benefits are something CUPE can help with. A union can try to negotiate a better range of benefits, the share paid for by employees vs. paid by the employer, and we can also negotiate which carrier is chosen.  All of this has to be agreed by WestJet.  As the largest union in Canada, we have a lot of experience with insurance companies and plans, so we may be able to suggest better carriers for WestJet to use, some of whom may be able to offer better value and service.

After a collective agreement is in place, WestJet will have to honour any provisions in it about retirement, layoffs and/or dismissals. This is something that can be negotiated.

STEPHANIE: I’m a part time flight attendant, I’ve heard rumours that we might lose part time status in the contract. Can I just voice that right now that the option for part time status remain in our contract?

While the bargaining committee (after broad consultation with members) will decide what issues it wishes to take to the bargaining table, it seems unlikely we would try to eliminate part time positions. It also seems unlikely WestJet would take that position. CUPE has a large number of part-time members in airlines and a broad range of other sectors.

BRANDON: Was CUPE consulted by the Occupational Health and Safety Committee when they removed jump seats from our 800 series aircraft? Many FA do not feel safe on these aircraft when they are sold out. Was CUPE able to voice our concerns about this?

We know of the situation, and we share your concerns. We are looking into this.

JANET: How do I become involved at the committee level?

Glad to hear your interest.  If the proposed bylaws are passed, committees will be elected.  We will send more information out about how to put your name forward in the future.

LAURENCE: If we pay the $5.00 and become a member. From the call, it seems those who do not pay the $5.00 will get the benefits.  Will non-members still have to pay the dues?

Yes, non-members have to pay the dues check off. In exchange, they receive all the benefits of a collective agreement and CUPE will represent them in grievances or other HR dealings with WestJet.  However, non-members have no ability for input or voting in the local structure.

KIM: What is the definition of seniority. I’ve been at WestJet for almost 14 years, but only been a flight attendant for three. Will my years of service be portable?

Every collective agreement has a different definition of seniority.  So, this is a matter for bargaining.

KRISTEN: My question is concerning the widebody flying: A lot of us were hesitant to apply because we have very little information on what it will entail.  Some of us have applied and been interviewed, but there is little communication about what the flying will be like. I’d just like to know what I am getting myself into?

At this point CUPE has as much information as employees on this issue.

Voting issues

Voting on the bylaws is open now until 6:00 pm MDT October 10th. All signed up CUPE members who have paid the $5.00 initiation fee have the right to vote. This includes CCMs and OOTs.  If you have not received an email to vote on the proposed bylaws, and you believe you should have, please contact Acting Returning Officer Lou Arab at


Oops! We goofed.

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Our bulletin on Friday said the telephone town hall meeting for Mainline members was going to be on “Tuesday October 3rd.” There is no such date.

Please accept our apology for the confusion.

The actual time and date of the telephone town hall meeting is Wednesday October 3rd at 4:30 pm MDT.



If you work for Mainline, have signed a CUPE membership card and paid your $5.00 fee, you should receive a call inviting you to participate in the telephone town hall.

If you do not receive such a call, or you are not at your normal telephone number, you can call into the meeting with the following information:

Call in number: 1-877-229-8493
ID Code: 112289



If you are receiving this email, your membership card and initiation fee have been received and you are entitled to participate in the meeting and all voting.

If you have friends or co-workers at Mainline who have not signed CUPE membership cards, they can still do so at  We will make every effort to get last minute sign ups a ballot for all votes.


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MAINLINE – As mentioned in previous messages, there are a number of upcoming events and votes of concern to CUPE members employed by WestJet.

Telephone Town Hall Wednesday October 3rd at 4:30 pm MDT

Members in good standing will be called on their personal phones and invited to participate in this call. During this call, CUPE Representatives will outline the proposed by-laws about to be put to you for approval.  We will also discuss other upcoming developments.

Shortly after that meeting, a link to the draft bylaws will be sent to the personal email address of the members in good standing.

Electronic bylaw ratification

Voting to approve the bylaws will be done electronically between October 4th 6:00 am MDT and October 10th 6:00 pm MDT.  Members in good standing will receive electronic notices on their personal emails on the 4th. If you do not receive an email ballot – contact Acting Chief Returning Officer, Lou Arab at

If you are a member in good standing and have not yet given CUPE a personal email address, please do so here:

A note on membership and voting rights, and what a member in good standing is, please read carefully

Not all WestJet employees covered by the CUPE certification are CUPE members yet.

Canadian labour law gives employees the ability to be union members.  Under what is known as the ‘Rand formula’ non-members covered by a union certification must pay dues, and they must receive all the benefits of the collective agreement and be served by the union.

However, non-members do not have the right to vote in CUPE elections, by-law ratification votes, or on approvals of a tentative contract.

If you are not a member yet and wish to be involved in your union, including voting rights and running in elections, you can:

1) Sign up online here:
2) Attend in person at one of the following CUPE offices listed below
3) Connect with an activist at your base

There is a $5 initiation fee. If you sign up soon, you will be able to participate in all CUPE activities.

If you signed a CUPE membership card during the organizing campaign or after, and paid the $5 initiation fee, you are a member of CUPE in good standing. If you are unsure if you are a member or not, feel free to contact Acting Chief Returning Officer, Lou Arab at


Peel Area Office
25 Watline Avenue, Suite 202, Mississauga, ON
Phone: 905-568-4664

Ontario Regional Office
80 Commerce Valley Drive E, Markham, ON
Phone: 905-739-3999

BC Regional Office
6222 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Phone: 604-292-0272

Calgary Area Office
240N 3015 5th Ave NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-235-6955
Bylaws – why they are important


The word itself is pretty dull, right?

However, the bylaws of CUPE 4070 (WestJet Cabin Crew Members) are of critical importance.

They are the rules which govern how the local functions and they determine how the local conducts business.

The local needs bylaws to elect officers, a bargaining committee and other committees to effectively represent the members.

Passing local bylaws is the first and most important step you will make in establishing yourselves as a fully functional and self-sufficient CUPE local.

If you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today!


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MAINLINE – CUPE will be using electronic voting for a series of votes coming up among our membership at WestJet. These votes may include:

• Approval of local by-laws
• Election of local officers (President, Treasurer, etc)
• Bargaining surveys
• Bargaining proposals
• Ratification of a contract with WestJet

In order to participate in these votes, we need a personal email address from you. We will not be using WestJet email for CUPE business on an ongoing basis.

Register to vote at this link with your personal email address.

If you do not register by September 30th at 5:00 pm MDT, you may miss important votes and elections going forward.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Lou Arab
Acting Chief Returning Officer
CUPE WestJet Local