Not a member of CUPE Local 4070?

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If you have not become a member of CUPE yet, you can do so by completing this form and paying the $5 membership fee. The fee can be paid via PayPal using major credit/debit/credit debit cards. Open to all WestJet and WestJet Encore Cabin Crew.


For Swoop Crew, follow the link below and a Member-Organizer will be in touch soon to complete the card signing process to join CUPE.




CUPE response to Onex deal

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CALGARY – The union representing almost 4,000 cabin crew members at WestJet and Encore expressed guarded optimism about the company’s sale to Onex.  However, CUPE 4070 President Chris Rauenbusch expressed some concern about the future of the employee share holder plan.

“WestJet is a Canadian business success story, building from a small regional carrier to one of the world’s foremost airlines,” said Rauenbusch.  “We hope Onex will continue to develop WestJet to its full potential as an airline industry leader.”

“The good news is that Onex is looking to maintain WestJet as a Calgary based airline. They’ve committed to no job losses and to WestJet’s expansion plans. We will hold them to that promise.”

“We are concerned about what this deal means to the future of the employee share purchase plan, which is uncertain at the moment,” said Rauenbusch. “As employees without a pension plan, many Cabin Crew members rely upon their shares for a dignified retirement. “

Rauenbusch said CUPE will attempt to resolve the employee shareholder issue in bargaining for a new collective agreement, which has been underway since April.


Contact: Lou Arab
Communications Representative


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Dear Members,

On April 9 and 10, CUPE Local 37 in Calgary was kind enough to host 31 of our elected Shop Stewards. Stewards from all three bases came together and completed their Introduction to Stewarding training. We are truly excited to see so many people step up for such a crucial role.

Our Local is coming together.

We would like to thank everyone who stepped up as interim Shop Stewards and volunteered countless hours over the span of six months, to ensure continuity of representation during this period. Your selflessness and dedication to your co-workers is inspiring!

Our first day of bargaining is this coming Monday. Based on the concepts an overwhelming majority of voters endorsed in our vote last week, your elected Bargaining Committee members will finally start negotiating the details of a Collective Agreement with WestJet on your behalf.

Bargaining our first Collective Agreement will take considerable time and effort. We have 32 days of bargaining scheduled between now and the end of September. They are the following:

April 15-18

May 13, 14, 16, 17

June 10-14

July 30-Aug 2

August 7-9, 22, 23

September 9-12, 18-20, 25-27

As we prepare to enter the most important period in the history of Inflight, we need to stop and assess the situation.

We Need Backup

It is important to understand that the Bargaining Committee gets all of its strength from you, the Membership. The only way the Bargaining Committee will ever secure a strong Collective Agreement is with the strong backing of the Membership.

We need as many members as possible willing to voice their support for the demands of our elected Bargaining Committee.

Without an engaged and energized membership, our local will be as effective as an airplane without rudders. We’ll get airborne, but we’ll never reach our destination.

We Need Your Help!

The nature of our workplace poses some unique challenges, particularly in the area of mobilization.

We are seeking volunteers to join the Mobilizing Team.

As a member of the Mobilizing Team you will:

  • Be in contact with the Bargaining Committee.
  • Act as a liaison between the Bargaining Committee, the Executive, and the members of your base.
  • Build enthusiasm and support for our union among your peers.
  • Listen to members’ concerns about workplace issues, and issues being discussed in bargaining.
  • Communicate key messages from the Executive and the bargaining committee to members.

What we are about to live through will only happen once in our lifetime. Be part of the movement that will bring us our first Collective Bargaining Agreement!

Please contact Alexis Allain to express your interest in becoming a mobilizer: 

Step up today and help us engage more of our members. Help us harness the power we need to achieve a strong Collective Agreement! Together we will show the Company what it means to work together to win.

In Solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Executive Team


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Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce that the first General Membership Meeting of CUPE Local 4070 will take place on:

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 @ 16:00L
Location: Calgary, Alberta (YYC) in person.
Address: TBD

Participation by any member* across the system will be available via telephone access (including voting access)

Priority agenda items will include:
– Presentation, Questions, and Vote on proposed Local Bylaw amendments
– Presentation, Questions, and Vote on Local 4070 Budget

More details will be available prior to the General Membership Meeting

In Solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive

*A member eligible to attend this meeting is one in good standing. This means a member who has signed a membership card and paid their $5 initiation fee. If you are not a member in good standing and would like to attend this meeting, please click HERE to get this started today.

Encore CCMs Have Filed For Certification With CUPE!

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Dear Members,

Moments ago, The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) to be certified as the exclusive bargaining agent, and representation, for WestJet Encore Cabin Crew Members.

Our fellow Cabin Crew Members at Encore are now on their way to official union certification with CUPE. They will go through the same process of card verification as mainline did following our application on July 31st, 2018.

CUPE Local 4070 is beyond ecstatic for our colleagues at WestJet Encore. We are sisters and brothers in solidarity, and now in union representation and the ability to legally bargain a Collective Agreement.

The Encore activists, alongside member organizers, and organizing staff from CUPE have been working tirelessly on the drive for fair representation of CCMs at WestJet Encore for quite some time. We encourage all CUPE Local 4070 members to make a special effort in welcoming WestJet Encore CCMs to the CUPE family. Today they take their first step towards joining over 680,000 members nationwide.

Make no mistake, as we head into the first day of bargaining on Monday, this exciting news could not come at a better time. We will do so standing in solidarity with Encore CCMs, and that is a game changer at the bargaining table. Solidarity brings us collective power to influence our Employer. We proudly stand together, shoulder to shoulder, with our WestJet Encore sisters and brothers for fair representation, and a fair Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team

Bargaining Concept Proposals Vote Results

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Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the vote results for Bargaining Concept Proposals:

Yes / Oui              1154 (91.6%)
No / Non             106 (8.4%)

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and look forward to our first day of bargaining on April 15, 2019. We will provide you with regular updates during our collective bargaining process as we work towards our first Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team

April Schedule Delay Update:

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Dear Members,

With the delay of schedule release this month, many of you are stuck with pairings you were otherwise looking to trade or drop, as they touch the end of the month, or carry over into April. We’ve been working to address this issue and are pleased to advise we’ve received a response as of this morning.

We have now been advised that members should send these requests to their Base Manager, who will work with them to address it.

If you have any questions or require further assistance in these matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to your CUPE 4070 executive.

In solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team

CUPE 4070 Statement regarding Postponed Release of April 2019 Schedules:

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Dear Members,

You have likely, or will shortly see, an announcement from Management that due to the B737 MAX 8 grounding, they are rebuilding the entire commercial schedule to take this aircraft model out of the network plan for the month of April. As such, the Employer advised us in the past 36 hours that they deem it not possible to release the April blocks on March 20th, as per the frozen Cabin Crew Agreement (CCA).

The employer gave us just two days notice that the schedule that was due to come out today, March 20th, will now not be available until March 27th. The employer gave ALPA an additional day notice. They requested approval for the delay, which upon consideration, we have denied. Ultimately this was because the company refused to allow the re-bid process for 767 cabin crew. All members of the bargaining unit must be treated equally and we will not consent to two-tier conditions that seek to divide our membership.

In light of the Company’s ask to stray from the frozen terms of work of all Members’ schedule being released by the 20th of each month, your union proposed the following temporary changes to other frozen terms so as to help alleviate the burden of this 7 day extension of your April schedule release:

1) Proposed that all bids for April 2019 be reopened and a further bidding period of 48 hours be opened for all members. This would account for the ability of anyone who bid routes, etc. that were exclusively operated by MAX 8 aircraft (OGG, HNL, LGW, DUB, etc.) to place a new bid which has a chance of being awarded. As well, some such flying is being re-blocked on B767 and B787 aircraft so these are now routes those qualified members may bid on. If a bid is not changed from the previously closed bid as of 09:00MST on 09MAR2019, that bid shall remain active for the crew member.

2) Proposed that the 72 hour grace period that the Employer has to process Flica trade/drop/pickup requests be lowered to twenty-four hours for the seven days following the revised schedule release (requests submitted from schedule release until 00:59MST on 03APR2019)

3) Proposed that the 12 hour prior to report rule that our members must have trade/drop/pickup requests approved by be reduced to six hours prior to report time for the seven days following the revised schedule release (requests submitted from schedule release until 00:59MST on 03APR2019)

4) Proposed that Inflight commence deadheadpay rules as contained now in Pilots’ awarded Collective Agreement, as this would permit the member who flies the deadhead to be compensated for it. This is a fix that is long overdue, and costs the company little to achieve, as they are implementing this for Pilots.

After being in communication with the Company over the past two days, and after these requests were made of the Company, they advised that of these, one of these requests would be granted in full, two would be granted with restrictions, and the fourth was not agreeable for them.

As a result of this decision by the Company, your Union Executive voted unanimously to not give our approval of this breach of the statutory freeze of our work rules. It would simply not be in the best interest of all our members.

Moving forward, we will be pressing the Employer for a solution so that this situation will not arise again and will consider all legal avenues available to us.

In solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team

Dues to begin in April

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Dear Members,

In co-operation between CUPE and WestJet, the Company has agreed to respect the members’ wishes and allow the deduction of dues to begin for regular earnings as of April 13th. You will see CUPE dues deducted on the May 3rd paycheque onwards.

This is good news for our Local as it allows us to properly fund our operations in a fully professional manner. This will result in a better, more vigorous level of service to members and an absolutely fulsome bargaining strategy.

By collecting dues, CUPE 4070 is building up the resources needed to represent you on an equal footing with the Company. This is an important milestone as we prepare to formally start collective bargaining and committee work, and as we continue to represent your interests.

It should be noted that WestJet is under no legal obligation to agree to this dues deduction prior to it being negotiated into a collective agreement. The fact that they are doing so is a sign of respect for the decision employees made to join CUPE and vote to put dues into place as soon as possible.

How much are dues?

Members voted between Feb 5-11th 2019 for dues to be set at 1.1% on top of the current CUPE National per capita rate of 0.85% for a total of 1.95% of regular wages.

Regular wages do not include meal allowances, Owners’ Performance award, profit share, overtime or other earnings. Dues are paid only on straight time block hours (including vacation, sick leave, training or office days, etc.) of any CCM.

Do non-members pay dues?

Yes, all Cabin Crew Members, including Cabin Managers and Onboard Operations members, covered by the CUPE certification must pay dues, regardless of membership.

If I pay dues, am I automatically a member?

No, to be a member, you must sign a membership card and pay a $5.00 initiation fee. You can do that online here:

If you have any questions regarding the commencement of dues deductions, please reach out to any member of your CUPE 4070 Executive, or email

In solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team