Dues to begin in April

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Dear Members,

In co-operation between CUPE and WestJet, the Company has agreed to respect the members’ wishes and allow the deduction of dues to begin for regular earnings as of April 13th. You will see CUPE dues deducted on the May 3rd paycheque onwards.

This is good news for our Local as it allows us to properly fund our operations in a fully professional manner. This will result in a better, more vigorous level of service to members and an absolutely fulsome bargaining strategy.

By collecting dues, CUPE 4070 is building up the resources needed to represent you on an equal footing with the Company. This is an important milestone as we prepare to formally start collective bargaining and committee work, and as we continue to represent your interests.

It should be noted that WestJet is under no legal obligation to agree to this dues deduction prior to it being negotiated into a collective agreement. The fact that they are doing so is a sign of respect for the decision employees made to join CUPE and vote to put dues into place as soon as possible.

How much are dues?

Members voted between Feb 5-11th 2019 for dues to be set at 1.1% on top of the current CUPE National per capita rate of 0.85% for a total of 1.95% of regular wages.

Regular wages do not include meal allowances, Owners’ Performance award, profit share, overtime or other earnings. Dues are paid only on straight time block hours (including vacation, sick leave, training or office days, etc.) of any CCM.

Do non-members pay dues?

Yes, all Cabin Crew Members, including Cabin Managers and Onboard Operations members, covered by the CUPE certification must pay dues, regardless of membership.

If I pay dues, am I automatically a member?

No, to be a member, you must sign a membership card and pay a $5.00 initiation fee. You can do that online here: https://westjet.cupe.ca/mainline-membership/

If you have any questions regarding the commencement of dues deductions, please reach out to any member of your CUPE 4070 Executive, or email info.cupe4070@gmail.com

In solidarity,
Your CUPE Local 4070 Executive Team