Perspective on Payroll Changes for Members

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As you may have seen communicated by the company today, there will be a change to how all WestJetters pay is reconciled, including our Members.

CUPE 4070 has agreed to the change of payroll schedule with the Employer. As with anything we do, we make the best decisions for our membership, with all of the information at hand.

This change brings WestJet CCMs pay inline with industry practices across North America. The Employer came to us with this proposal, and the intended benefit to CCMs will be a vastly reduced frequency of pay errors across the board. There is a good reason why this exact pay model has become the industry norm; as it is the most efficient, and accurate method to reconcile crew members’ compensation out there.

Changing the length of pay periods violates rules about changing working conditions between the union certification and the negotiation of a new collective agreement (CA). That being said, both parties are always free to mutually agree to a change, and in this instance, agreeing to a change outside of the CA will immediately benefit all CCMs through your pay being reconciled more accurately, with fewer errors and with more automation. Rectifying our pay system was ranked as a major priority by our membership to be accomplished during bargaining, and the opportunity arose to accomplish this ahead of schedule, and not connected to other gains we can achieve during collective bargaining. This was the right thing to do for all of our members.

Additionally, this change comes as a result of the pilots agreeing in their collective agreement to move to semi-monthly, allowing WestJet to conform to industry standards. We didn’t want our members to be left out of an accurate and sustainable payroll change simply because our current antiquated payment system was “frozen” into our CCA.

In August, to transition to the new system, there will be a 6-day gap compared to the current pay dates. CUPE 4070 has obtained a guarantee from the Employer that all CCMs will be offered an interest-free loan of up to 1 week of pay, to bridge their finances during this transition.

Should you have further questions, or need any support with this change, please reach out to any member of your CUPE 4070 Executive.

In solidarity,

Your CUPE 4070 Executive Team