It’s official, OOTs and CCMs are part of CUPE

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The Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) issued its decision today in the matter of including Onboard Operations Team members (OOTs) and Cabin Crew Managers (CCMs) into the CUPE bargaining unit of flight attendants.

The decision became necessary after WestJet objected to the inclusion of these members and asked the CIRB to exclude them on the grounds the employees provided supervisory services.

The board ruled today that the approximately 90 individuals will be included in the union and are full members of the bargaining unit.

“The Board concludes that the functions performed by the OOTs and CCMs are more akin to those of team leaders and sees no apparent conflict with their inclusion in the bargaining unit. Accordingly, the positions of OOT and CCM are positions that are to be included in the bargaining unit of cabin crew members/flight attendants.”

We are thrilled to have such a positive decision from the Board, and more thrilled that these women and men will be fellow members, making all of us stronger in the process.