Executive Update: new survey and other news

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Dear Members,

Happy New Year! Starting 2019, building CUPE Local 4070 is our priority.

In this update, you’ll find information about:

  • Training and education for your elected executive members this month and February.
  •  A specific and concise survey just sent to members, to arm your 4070 representatives with the understanding of  your priorities, as we prepare to commence bargaining of our first Collective Agreement in March.
  •  An upcoming vote for select Bylaw changes and approval of our dues levels.
  •  Invitation by WestJet senior leadership to meet.

January is off to a quick start with respect to education and training of your 4070 Executive. January 7–9th saw us in YYZ with the CUPE training team on the topic of Occupational Health & Safety. We are getting the right information, so our OH&S concerns are advocated for effectively, along with training on the appropriate federal legislation which legally protects our OH&S rights.

January 11-13th saw your representation trained in the CUPE Financial Officers seminar. It is crucial that the financial resources of our membership are treated respectfully, dutifully and as per the appropriate accounting and legal principles under which CUPE Locals must adhere.

In February we will continue training seminars facilitated by CUPE National including: bargaining workshops, as well as our own specific 4070 bargaining strategic planning sessions, related to our upcoming CBA bargaining starting in the second half of March.

In your inbox today: a detailed survey we need in order to answer the BIG questions prior to bargaining. Reserve, Seniority, Bidding System: this is a survey you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t’ been sent one, email Lou Arab at larab@cupe.ca.

We will be proposing Local 4070 Bylaw changes, including the authorizing of the amount and collection of union dues. We cannot move forward with office space, infrastructure, daily support systems, etc. until we approve our dues levels, and for the dues to begin. This is the most important change being presented. There will be other minor changes presented such as an amendment to give the Vice-President a seat on the Bargaining Committee, for example.

Finally, the President and Vice-President have been invited to meet with Jeff Martin, WestJet’s Chief Operating Officer to get to know each other, and become familiar prior to heading into bargaining in March. As well, Louis Saint-Cyr, Vice President Guest Experience has extended a similar invitation. We are committed to ensuring that we follow through with these opportunities to help the Company’s leadership get to know your representation and to better understand what we stand for as your democratically elected Union Executive.

In solidarity,

CUPE Local 4070 Executive