Election for President starts Tuesday

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Elections for the position of President begin tomorrow (Tuesday November 13th) at 6:00 am MST with polls remaining open until Monday November 19th at 6:00 pm MST.

There are five candidates standing for President:

Benoit, Brigitte: click here for more info
Rauenbusch, Chris: click here for more info
Simmonds, Patricia: click here for more info
Steed, Ashley: click here for more info
Zalac, Boris: click here for more info

Ballots will be sent by email using StrictlyVoting.com tomorrow. At the end of balloting, the candidate with the most votes will be elected President of CUPE Local 4070 for a two-year term.


Some members had difficulty getting ballots during the bylaw ratification vote. We’ve worked very hard to clean up our lists and fix many of the issues. While we expect the next round of voting to be much smoother, some individuals may still have problems.

Please read this carefully and take any actions possible that might affect you.

If you voted during the bylaw vote, you should get your ballot automatically.

There are several reasons you might not receive a ballot:

1. You are not a member. If you receive this bulletin by email, CUPE has you on file as a member in good standing. For others, to vote in a CUPE election, you must have signed a membership card and paid your $5.00 initiation fee. You can do that here: https://westjet.cupe.ca/mainline-membership/ If you are not sure about your membership status, contact Lou Arab at larab@cupe.ca.

You must be a member by November 16th at 5:00 pm MST to vote in the Presidential election.

2. You are a member, and you are a CM/OOT. Until the issue of CM/OOTs being part of the CUPE certification is resolved, WestJet is not sharing the full employee list of these members. CUPE will honour your membership and let you participate in the local while we wait for this issue to be resolved. However, it has affected the accuracy of our database. If you believe you are a member in this category, let Lou Arab know (larab@cupe.ca) and we can quickly make a check and add you to the voters list if necessary.

3. CUPE doesn’t have your email address, or we have an incorrect email address. CUPE will not send bulletins or e-ballots to email addresses at westjet.com, we need a personal email address. If you have filled out a membership card, CUPE should have your personal email address. However, mistakes happen and sometimes email addresses are entered incorrectly. We work very hard to track down members with email addresses that bounce. But if the incorrect email doesn’t bounce back, we won’t know there has been a mistake until we are contacted by the member effected. If you might be in this category – contact Lou Arab at larab@cupe.ca

4. Your e-ballot ended up in the spam/junk mail folder. This seems to happen to members with Hotmail.com and Outlook.com email addresses the most. Please check your spam folders and if you find any email from CUPE or SimplyVoting.com, please add us to your ‘safe senders’ list.

5. The e-ballot was never delivered. There are a small number of members (again, mostly with hotmail.com and outlook.com email accounts) where the e-ballot was blocked by the receiving mail server. We have developed a workaround to this, but members in this category have to contact Lou Arab at larab@cupe.ca to let him know you don’t have a ballot.

If you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card here: https://encore.cupe.ca/swoop-encore-sign-a-card/ to join CUPE today!