Updates Since Certification

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CUPE was certified as the bargaining agent for cabin crew members on July 31, 2018.  On August 27, 2018 notice to open bargaining was sent to the employer and a response received on August 28, 2018 confirming receipt of the notice.  This notice solidified the statutory freeze (no changes to the conditions of employment) until a collective agreement is signed.

A meeting was held with the employer on August 31, 2018.  Present on behalf of CUPE was Ella Henry and Aneen Albus.  At this meeting the following items were discussed:

  • The employer addressed the need to start recruitment for the 787 widebodies.  CUPE stated that recruitment for cabin crew members on all of WestJet’s fleet is a bargaining issue.
  • CUPE addressed issues with reserve call in and stated that it was our understanding the practice was that junior employees were called in first.  The employer stated that in fact the 1st criteria is best fit not seniority for reserve call ins. CUPE is still investigating this issue.
  • CUPE addressed concerns with alleged changes to non-medical accommodations being relayed to employee’s that is to be implemented as of October 1, 2018.  The employer committed to follow-up on this issue with CUPE.
  • CUPE addressed issues with special day off requests.  The employer stated they recognized an issue as these days used to be administered with WCCA and have staff members in place to work on the requests.
  • CUPE addressed representation at meetings with employees.  Our position is that every employee covered by CUPE has the right to have representation at any meeting called by the employer.  The employer’s position is that representation will only be allowed in investigation or discipline meetings.

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled with the employer on the outstanding issues.

Utilizing the Individual Dispute Resolution

Is there an issue or practice at the workplace you would like resolved? Have you been unfairly disciplined or not selected for recruitment? If so, take a look at Section 6 of WestJet’s Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure.  You have the right to dispute the interpretation and/or application of any WestJet policy.
If there is an issue requiring resolution, take the following steps to initiate the “Individual Dispute Resolution” process. You have the right to include your CUPE representative at every stage of the process.

  1. Send your PSM an email within 14 days of the incident (and copy your CUPE servicing representative), stating that you would like to utilize the Individual Dispute Resolution process and that you would like to schedule a follow up meeting with the PSM and your union representative as per Step 1 of the process.
  2. Your PSM will reply to your email with a link to the WestJet “Dispute Resolution Form”; however, look to see whether your CUPE representative has been dropped off the email chain.
  3. Forward the email to your CUPE servicing representative.
  4. Fill the form out yourself or consult your CUPE representative to do so together.
  5. The people department will have seven (7) calendar days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and make contact with you to initiate the first steps.
  6. If a discipline or dismissal is not resolved through the Dispute Resolution Process, CUPE can, based on the merits of the case, proceed to arbitration.

Remember, WestJet routinely drops the CUPE representative from email chains, so it’s up to you to keep us in the loop!

Interim stewarding

Friday, September 14th is the last day to volunteer to be a CUPE interim steward! If you’re interested, send an email to the CUPE servicing representative serving your base:

Non-mandatory request to let CUPE know if you’ve applied to the 787 program

It has been a week since WestJet announced how they plan to recruit for their expanded fleet and we wish to thank the many members who have written and expressed a diversity of views on this significant matter.

CUPE’s position is that with minor training, all flight attendants are qualified to work on all flights, regardless of the airplane model.  We believe all staff should have equal opportunity to bid on these flights, with details to be worked out after consultation with members.

Further, the best way to solve this issue is by negotiating a good contract that treats all flight attendants equally.

If you have applied to the program, consider letting CUPE know so that we may compile and track the number of applicants. The data compiled will allow us to have a strategic conversation about the issue in the lead up to bargaining. Please note there is absolutely no obligation or requirement that you do so. This is completely at your discretion. If you choose to, send an email to the CUPE servicing representative serving your base:

And as always, encourage your friends to sign up for updates on our website. And if you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today!