WestJet is proceeding to recruit Boeing 787 flight participants

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CUPE’s position is that with minor training, all Flight Attendants are qualified to work on all flights, regardless of the airplane model.  We believe all staff should have equal opportunity to bid on these flights, with details to be worked out after consultation with members.

Until there is a new contract in place, WestJet has the right to have a separate system for selecting Flight Attendants for separate airplane models.  MOU #14 of the Cabin Crew Agreement foresees this issue, and gives WestJet the ability to implement the flight selection model they are currently using.

The best way to solve this issue is by negotiating a good contract that treats all Flight Attendants equally.  As we move forward surveying the membership and negotiating with WestJet, we want to hear your thoughts on this and other workplace matters.

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