Flow: will you stay or will you go?

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We have heard directly from WestJet Encore flight attendants that Flow Through has been on your minds for a while. It’s frustrating, slow, and unpredictable. Even with proposed changes that add four to eight people per class, we’ve heard you say that isn’t good enough.

A collective agreement will give you real and reliable expectations about the Flow Through process, and won’t change on a whim when it suits the employer.

For example, CUPE flight attendants at Air Canada Rouge have their Flow Through conditions guaranteed on an annual basis, regardless of sick days and with clear pay scale improvements. This allows them to plan their lives and understand when they will transition to mainline. They are not left waiting for a course that is never called.

That’s the kind of difference a collective agreement negotiated by CUPE can make in your life. Unionization creates opportunity to make real, tangible gains in your work life that you can rely on.

You deserve better. You deserve the option for reliable and transparent Flow Through.

Together, you can improve your working conditions right now and pave the way for the next generation of Encore flight attendants by signing up to learn how to join CUPE. Encourage your friends to sign up too!

What other issues are on your mind? We would love to hear from you about working conditions and your experiences with WestJet Encore. Shoot us an email at encore@cupe.ca.

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