Your time, your life: CUPE will help improve your schedule

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The ups, the downs, the days on, the days off. How your schedule gets built determines where you go, when, and how soon you’ll be able to get back home. In other words, your schedule is your life.

You’ve told us you want predictability, efficiency, and fair compensation in your work schedules. We know you want productive pairings that keep you sharp, engaged, and alert while working. And we think WestJet Encore Cabin Crew deserve no less.

Flight attendants across Canada represented by CUPE have faced the same struggles. Through their union, they’ve been able to bargain strong collective agreements that improve their schedules and compensate them fairly for their time away.

This includes guaranteed daily minimum credit, not RIG averaged over a pairing (four-hour minimum daily credit). It also includes language that encourages efficiency or offers compensation for low productivity (total duty day minus four).

With CUPE, you will have the power to make your schedules work for you. After all, it’s your time and your life!

To learn more about how CUPE can help make your scheduling fairer and more predictable, or to ask any other questions about what a union can do for you, check out or email us at

If you’re ready to improve your schedule, your working conditions, and your time spent at work, then sign up today to learn how to join CUPE today and invite a friend to do the same.