Update on certification and what’s to come

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It’s been a bit over a week since CUPE received an interim certification to represent WestJet mainline flight attendants – but our work hasn’t stopped. Here’s where things lie at the moment:

  • The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has laid out a process to determine the status of Onboard Operations Team – Cabin Crew Leader and Cabin Manager positions within our bargaining unit. Even though these positions are included in flight attendant bargaining units throughout the airline industry, WestJet is objecting to these positions being included and causing some unfortunate delays as a result.
  • The CIRB is receiving written submissions on the status of the bargaining unit. WestJet has until today to make their submissions and CUPE will have until August 20 to respond. Rest assured, we are fighting hard to make sure everyone is included. The CIRB will make its decision some time after that.
  • Once the bargaining unit is fully defined by the CIRB, we will proceed with the important process of supporting you as you set up your union local with an executive, bylaws, committees and staff!

Like you, we’re eager to have this issue resolved so we can help you start building your local. In the meantime, this is a good opportunity to start thinking about what you want your local union to look like. What role do you see yourself having in your union? What kind of supports do you want to see from your union to make your job better?

We know there may be situations where you may have questions about workplace issues and representation. Please send urgent matters to westjet@cupe.ca and we will get back to you.

And as always, encourage your friends to sign up for updates on our website. And if you have friends and colleagues at Encore or Swoop, encourage them to sign their card to join CUPE today!