After certification, what’s next?

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What a week!

You did it. Because of the determination of so many activists working together all across Canada, mainline WestJetters now have a strong, independent union to make their jobs and their lives better. That’s huge!

But our work doesn’t stop here.

At CUPE, we’re now focusing on the next steps, working hard to help you put together the new union local, elect an executive, set up a bargaining committee, and get ready to negotiate your first-ever collective agreement.

We will continue sending you updates as they come. We’ll also be reaching out to get your feedback on the kind of local you want, and the kinds of priorities you want to see your local focus on during bargaining.

Our journey isn’t over, but the energy and excitement of our victory this week is going to keep us going strong.

We are hearing that some WestJetters do not know how to get a hold of CUPE. Please advise your friends and colleagues that they can get in touch with us at, and find more info and sign up for updates on our website. We want to be able to communicate with everyone but in these early days of certification, we only have contact information for people who give it to us.