Update on Encore, CIRB and more!

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Encore, Encore!

Now that we have filed to represent flight attendants at WestJet mainline and Swoop, we’re working hard to bring flight attendants at WestJet Encore into the fold. Thanks to our activists on the ground, we’ve never been closer to a strong union for all WestJet Cabin Crew. But we need to keep the momentum going. Now is the time to step up and sign up for WestJet Encore. Talk to your friends and colleagues at Encore about signing a card (with the legally-required $5 application fee) and let’s get the job done!

Next steps at the CIRB

This week, the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has been reviewing CUPE’s application to represent WestJet Cabin Crew, based on a majority of WestJetters signing cards to join CUPE. WestJet has until today to respond to CUPE’s application.

We know that the employer and WCCA have been encouraging you and your colleagues to send feedback to the CIRB about CUPE’s application to represent WestJetters. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Board has indicated in its Notice to Employees (which should be posted in your workplaces) that “you should not write to the Board if it is only to express your wish to be or not to be represented by the trade union.”

What ultimately matters, and the most important thing the CIRB is considering right now, is that a majority of WestJet Cabin Crew signed cards to join CUPE.

If you have concerns about the employer or WCCA’s conduct, please get in contact with us.

And when it comes to talking with friends and colleagues at work about unionization, let’s not forget that whether you signed a card supporting unionization or not, everyone is going to benefit from better working conditions and from a more equal, respectful relationship with WestJet management.

Stay in touch!

During this critical phase for your local union, we’ll continue to send you regular updates so make sure you and your friends and colleagues are on our list. Sign up at westjet.cupe.ca.