#FactsFriday: What happens after certification?

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We have been hearing a lot from WestJetters over the past few weeks who are excited and want to know what will happen after certification.

Basically, there are two big steps we’ll take together. We’ll build the structure of our CUPE local union and we’ll bargain a legally enforceable collective agreement.

Setting up our local

After certification, with the support of CUPE National staff, WestJetters will:

  • Draft and approve local by-laws, the rules that govern your CUPE local
  • Elect Executive Officers who will run the local on a day to day basis
  • Elect Trustees, who will oversee the local’s finances
  • Establish and build your local’s committees for things like Bargaining, and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Set union dues
  • Establish and build a system of Shop Stewards, who are front line representatives for members in the workplace

Bargaining your first collective agreement

Once the bargaining committee is elected, the preparations for bargaining will begin:

  • The bargaining survey is prepared and distributed to every member to inform bargaining priorities
  • With the support of CUPE National staff, the Bargaining Committee drafts proposals that reflect what members have prioritized through the surveys
  • Negotiations begin with the employer
  • The Bargaining Committee communicates regularly with members about the state of negotiations
  • When a tentative agreement is reached at the bargaining table, it is brought back to all members for a ratification vote
  • Your current terms and conditions of employment are frozen until your first collective agreement is ratified

The collective agreement determines everything from your compensation to your working conditions, and outlines a grievance process if the agreement is violated. The collective agreement is the outcome of the union’s effort to improve the lives of the membership. From ideas to ratification, it is all about your input!

And unlike an agreement negotiated by WCCA, a collective agreement is legally binding and does not change at WestJet’s whim. Finally, something you can rely on!

If you haven’t already, sign your card to improve your rights at work today!