If Ryanair flight attendants can unionize, so can WestJetters

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WestJetters are sending congratulations across the Atlantic Ocean following the news that UK-based flight attendants at Ryanair have achieved what was once thought impossible by unionizing. They will be represented by Unite, the UK’s flight attendant union.

If Ryanair flight attendants can do it, so can Cabin Crew at WestJet.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary once said hell would freeze over before his employees unionized. But the recent news at Ryanair has shown that with determination, flight attendants can overcome the most anti-union opposition in the industry, and get the union representation they need to protect their rights and advocate for safer working conditions.

Unite represents 25,000 flight attendants around the UK. With the nation’s leading flight attendant union at their side, Ryanair flight attendants will now be able to make important gains in their wages and working conditions.

As the airline’s frontline workers, flight attendants are responsible for a company’s success. They deserve respect and fairness at work, and a meaningful say over their working conditions. Getting union representation ensures that flight attendants at Ryanair have a strong voice in determining things like wages, benefits and scheduling.

Industry-leading representation for WestJetters by Canada’s flight attendant union, CUPE, is just around the corner. Sign your card today.