CUPE is standing up for WestJetters’ right to organize

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CUPE is taking action at the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) to protect the right of WestJetters to join a union free from threats, harassment and intimidation – as guaranteed by the Canada Labour Code.

In response to an unfortunate pattern of troublesome behaviour by management against WestJetters, CUPE has filed what is called an “unfair labour practice” (ULP) claim at the CIRB. The claim outlines:

  • How WestJet, with the assistance of the Calgary Airport Authority, has been interfering with union organizing activities at the Calgary airport
  • How WestJet, through a range of tactics including videotaping, has been intimidating employees who are involved with unionizing or simply seeking information about unionizing
  • How WestJet threatened the jobs and livelihoods of WestJet Cabin Crew if they choose to unionize
  • How WestJet forced employees to download anti-union literature onto their tablets under disciplinary threat

In CUPE’s view, all of these actions contravene the Canada Labour Code, and WestJet must stop illegally interfering with WestJetters’ right to talk about forming a union.

Management has been ramping up anti-union activities in recent weeks, because they know how close Cabin Crew are to joining their pilot colleagues in forming their own union.

WestJet management is upset at the possibility of losing absolute control over employees’ working conditions, but that doesn’t justify their repeated violations of employees’ legally-protected rights.

Strong, legal representation for WestJetters is just around the corner with CUPE. Sign a card and encourage a colleague to sign theirs too.