We’re ready for democratic collective bargaining

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We’ve heard your concerns about the current re-negotiation of your Cabin Crew Agreement. The WCCA engaged in these discussions with management without input or a mandate from Cabin Crew themselves. It’s unclear exactly what provisions are being re-negotiated or what position the WCCA is advocating.

And the simple fact remains: no matter what WCCA negotiates with WestJet management, that agreement still has no legal force. Management can unilaterally change it any time they like.

Cabin Crew Members are being kept in the dark about when the negotiations are happening and when they can expect an update. When WestJetters press the WCCA for answers, they are being told “I can’t comment” or “standby”.

How would negotiations be different with CUPE representing you? Here’s a basic step-by-step:

  1. The membership is surveyed for input on bargaining priorities
  2. Bargaining proposals are drafted, parties exchange proposals and begin negotiations
  3. The bargaining committee sends frequent updates informing membership of progress
  4. A tentative collective agreement is agreed to
  5. The bargaining committee presents the tentative agreement to the membership
  6. The membership ratifies the agreement by secret ballot
  7. The collective agreement becomes legally binding for the duration of its term

Read this summary comparing the key legal differences between CUPE and non-union employee groups like the WCCA.

Given how close we are in this union drive, you will start to see more of these common employer tactics:

  • All of a sudden, management is communicating with employees much more frequently
  • All of a sudden, management is promising to solve problems that have been around for years
  • Management makes promises of a one-time increase in benefits, wages or improvements to other terms of employment
  • Management threatens that, if employees unionize, working conditions may be lost and employees would be worse off

Don’t get discouraged!

If widespread support for a union can pressure the company into giving you improvements, imagine what really having a union might do! WestJet Cabin Crew Members are joining CUPE for protected, long-term gains – not just one-off improvements. WestJetters are joining CUPE for a stronger voice at work, fair representation and a democratic collective bargaining process.