Having a union worked for WestJet pilots – now it’s flight attendants’ turn

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Statement from the WestJet-CUPE Organizing Committee on the pilots’ agreement

We are thrilled to send heartfelt congratulations to the WestJet pilots who showed great determination in the face of a very real threat of a lockout, and secured their right to fly all WestJet planes, including Swoop.

Having a union worked for the pilots – their key demands for respect at work have been met. The pilots proved this week that organizing for our rights is the best way for all WestJetters (including Cabin Crew) to move forward.

But this agreement for pilots also highlights the fact that Cabin Crew remain vulnerable. ALPA is standing up for WestJet pilots. No one is standing up for WestJet flight attendants.

It is essential now that Cabin Crew don’t get left behind when Swoop launches next month. The best way to advance our working conditions and maintain our job security is to stand together and join CUPE, Canada’s flight attendant union.

We are very close to making this a reality.

Sign a card (or encourage a friend to sign theirs) today, and soon Cabin Crew can enjoy the strong, legal representation that WestJet pilots just proved can work so well for them.