#FactsFriday: Anti-union pressure always increases when we’re close to winning

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Earlier this week, WestJet management sent out a memo about our drive for a fair contract and legal representation at work. It contained a lot of the typical anti-union messages that employers use when they know their employees are close to forming a union, including a list of “collective bargaining facts” – a thinly veiled attempt to convince us that, whether we unionize or not, our jobs aren’t going to get any better.

The real “facts” about collective bargaining are that unionized flight attendants with CUPE earn more, receive better per diems and wardrobe allowances, and get treated better at work.

CUPE flight attendants also have real, independent representation to help and advocate for them when there’s a problem at work.

Unfortunately, this is probably just the beginning. In almost all union campaigns, management increases their attacks as workers get closer to certifying. We are not surprised by these tactics – they’re to be expected.

If you have a concern – contact a union supporter or CUPE directly.

WestJet management is afraid of losing complete control over our working conditions. They are threatened by Cabin Crew Members asserting our rights and demanding better treatment at work.

But we won’t get discouraged and we won’t let management distract or divide us by telling us things can never get better. We know that together we can make things better.

The best defence against WestJet’s anti-union campaign is to get this done as quickly as possible.

Sign your card (or encourage a friend to sign theirs) today! See the list of union supporters below – talk with any of them to sign a card!

Fly safe,

Your WestJet Organizing Committee


CUPE supporters you can talk to:

Benoit Cliche – YYZ
Marco DiVirgilio – YYZ
Guy Fournier – YYZ
Kedia Laramee – YYZ/YUL
Jamie Loiselle – YYZ
Hector Lopez – YYZ
Nadine Lord – YYZ/YUL
Trevor MacDougall – YYZ/YHZ
Rebecca Money – YYZ
Tamara Nelson – YYZ/YUL
Adam Polak – YYZ
Jason Potvin – YYZ/YUL
Rachel Renaud – YYZ
Carlos Rivera-Santos – YYZ
Bryan Sandalis – YYZ
Chantale Tremblay – YYZ
Robyn Symmers-Wilken – YYZ/YUL
Kate Winiarz – YYZ/YWG
Sasha Bulmer Brind’Amour – YYZ
Bryce Newborn – YYZ
Jordan Christenson – YYZ

Kurtis Baldwin – YYC
Brigitte Benoit – YYC/YQR
Tyson Conrod – YYC/YWG
Nancy Moore Deschambault – YYC
Robin Feldberg – YYC/YEG
Kristy Cisecki Forrester – YYC
Janelle Godsman – YYC
Cynthia Hillis – YYC
Deborah Owen-Illi – YYC/YYJ
Patricia Ireland – YYC
Tara Keeping – YYC/YYJ
Michel Laflamme – YYC/YUL
Shauna Lane – YYC
Courtney Mainprize – YYC
Laura McDonald – YYC
Ashley Mitty – YYC
Eman Mobarak – YYC
Alicia Morgan – YYC
Martine Newis – YYC
Rhonda Anderson O’Leary – YYC
Natasha Olynyk – YYC
Michelangelo Piano-Rolon – YYC/YEG
Chris Rauenbusch – YYC
Terri Riddell – YYC
Kymberly Shindler YYC/YEG
Bryan Glenn Ward – YYC/YEG
Megan Wattie – YYC
Becky Wright – YYC
Tobi Wendell – YYC
Janene Vermeire – YYC

Francis Arellano – YVR
Krista Baggs – YVR
Sonja Bergen – YVR
Caroline Bradley – YVR
Tim Brown – YVR
Bogdan Cojocariu – YVR
Victor Collins – YVR
Julia Connolly – YVR
Donnie Clarke – YVR
Grace Dela Cruz – YVR
Robert Epp – YVR
Serge Garçon – YVR
JP Girard – YVR
Carey Graham – YVR
Taryn Green – YVR
Jayden Grundy – YVR
Dennis Hilderman – YVR
Crystal Hill – YVR
Phong Hua – YVR
Aimee Isakson – YVR
Corie Ives – YVR/YWG
Nick Lainas – YVR
Samantha MacDonald – YVR
Sailesh Nath – YVR
Jaime Pendergast – YVR/YYJ
Glennie Porter – YVR
Donna Reid – YVR
Shawn Richard – YVR
Daniele Roche – YVR
Anneke Theriault – YVR
Nathalie Viau – YVR
Michelle Wik – YVR
Sharon Jarvis – YVR