Keep calm, sign on

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Yesterday WestJetters received an email from WestJet CEO Ed Sims that told some pretty tall tales. Sims compared WestJet to an airline on the verge of going bankrupt, before implying that WestJet will be forced to fold if its employees unionize.

Let’s be very clear. These kinds of veiled threats from Mr. Sims in the middle of an organizing drive aren’t just absurd – they’re also prohibited by the Canada Labour Code.

All workers have a right to make a decision on unionization free from threats and intimidation, and CUPE is ready to defend that right for WestJetters.

WestJetters may be wondering what is driving their CEO to compare WestJet to an airline on the brink of bankruptcy when, just last week, the company announced its 52nd straight quarter of profitability.

It’s important to remember that the vast majority of flight attendants in Canada are unionized, and nearly 12,000 are members of CUPE.

It’s also important not to forget that when airlines go under it is usually due to poor management, catastrophic world events and unregulated competition – not union representation. In fact, CUPE has worked very closely and effectively with employers in the fallout of catastrophic world events so that we increase and maintain jobs, not close shops.

The simple truth is, Mr. Sims and his team are frustrated by the prospect of losing absolute control over your working conditions.

They are threatened by the thought of WestJet’s largest working group, Cabin Crew Members, taking a stand for respect and fairness at work.

They are desperate to undercut the momentum of our campaign.

But their frustration and desperation do not permit them to violate your Charter right to join a union.

Yesterday’s email is another desperate play out of the standard anti-union playbook. It’s because they know we’re close.

But if WestJetters stay determined and focused, we’ll make our shared goal of a fair contract and strong representation a reality.

If you haven’t already, sign your card to join CUPE. And if you have signed your card to join CUPE – bravo! Talk to a friend about signing theirs today!