#FactsFriday: improving your Boeing 787 experience

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. You may have seen the powerpoint pitch, now how about those work rules? WestJetters need:

✓ Dedicated, contiguous crew rest unit that can’t be sold
✓ Protected crew rest periods
✓ Cross-training on all aircrafts
✓ Augmented crew compliment on 787 long range flying
✓ Wide-body pay

The company and the WCCA are currently negotiating rules for the arrival of the 787s. Yet the WCCA’s current deal with the company regarding wide-body flying has left Cabin Crew Members vulnerable.

The letter of understanding covering 767 flying only stipulates crew rest seats as three economy class seats on flights under eight hours as “last sold”, and two economy class seats on flights over eight hours.

There is no guarantee these seats are together and not spread throughout the cabin. Crew rest periods are not covered in the current Cabin Crew Agreement. Rather, crew rest periods are referenced only in the Flight Attendant Manual which can only be changed by the company’s request to Transport Canada.

Provisions related to rest and rest times must be negotiated and protected in any agreement on working conditions. The WCCA’s track record on wide-body work rules is concerning.

The current letter of understanding references “flights under eight hours” and “flights eight hours to 11.5 hours”, which is incredibly vague, as it does not specify flying time or gate-to-gate block time. Cabin Crew Members need clear contract language that cannot be exploited by the employer.

WestJet Cabin Crew Members deserve independent, fair legal representation that advocates for you first.

CUPE flight attendants already fly on 787s, have plenty of wide body experience with galley layout, crew rest units, safety equipment location, crew compliment and number of cabin crew jump seats. By joining CUPE, your group will have access to the first-hand experience and knowledge of CUPE’s expert airline members and support staff to help you negotiate the protections you need to get the job done safely.

Sign a card (or get a friend to sign up) here and make sure your wide body experience is what you deserve.

PS, we’ve been getting some questions from union supporters about renewing their membership. We will be in touch with you soon if this applies to you. For more information, click here.