#FactsFriday: the union is us, and our strength is each other

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The strength of a union comes from its members. As more and more WestJet Cabin Crew Members look to form a union, our voice and our message gets stronger. And as Canada’s largest trade union, and Canada’s strongest union for flight attendants, CUPE will be the ideal megaphone to help amplify our message.

How does it all work?

Unionizing with CUPE means we will get the best training in the country to advocate on issues that matter to us – the Cabin Crew Members who have made WestJet what it is. We’ll meet directly with management and we’ll have the training and education we need to improve our working conditions while keeping strong lines of communication with management.

CUPE has over 30 years of experience helping flight attendants achieve better working conditions, and it’s why nearly 12,000 flight attendants working at nine different airlines across Canada trust CUPE to help amplify their voice.

“When I started flying I didn’t realize just how much CUPE had done for us,” said Liz, a flight attendant at Air Canada, and a proud CUPE member. “It took one meeting for me to see how much support and understanding was available with the union. Now I am an active part of the union and I can approach my managers with confidence for my own concerns and I know that our collective voice is being heard with CUPE’s backing.”

Being in a union means our needs – and not just the company’s demands – will be front and centre on the bargaining table when we go to negotiate our next contract. CUPE staff and resources will always be there, but WestJetters will be in the lead, working to address issues the company has left by the wayside for years.

It’s time to amplify our voices. With CUPE, we’ll have the resources and expertise of Canada’s largest trade union in our corner while we work to make our jobs better.

Sign a friend up with CUPE here, and together, we’ll make our voices stronger and our jobs better.