#FactsFriday: Your union can help put workplace fatigue to bed

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After spring break, many flight attendants are feeling the fatigue. Many have been working six legs a day and unpaid deadheads, and racking up a lot of airport appreciation time.

CUPE can help rejuvenate your work rules.

Through collective bargaining, CUPE flight attendants have been able to prevent workplace fatigue with their work rules.

Efficient pairings mean less airport appreciation. And “duty day minus four”, negotiated by CUPE flight attendants at Air Canada, means that flight attendants get paid the better of their flying credit for the day or their total duty day minus four hours. For example, a turn worth six hours, with a duty day of twelve hours, results in eight hours of full pay. A turn worth ten hours with a duty day of twelve hours results in ten hours of full pay.

Bottom line: you get paid for the time you work.

Make this your reality. Sign a card and share with a friend to get the fair contract and strong representation you deserve.

You can also take CUPE’s flight attendant fatigue survey and tell us your story here.