#FactsFriday: WestJetters deserve more than minimum, not less

hpouliot Uncategorized

They’re called “minimum” wages for a reason – because it’s the bare minimum your employer has to pay.

Which is why it’s shameful that WestJet has allegedly been underpaying Cabin Crew Members, but it’s just one more reason among many that more and more WestJetters are turning to CUPE to defend their rights and move their working conditions forward. (And we strongly encourage anyone who thinks they are being paid less than minimum wage for hours worked to contact us immediately.)

In recent months, WestJet management has set a troubling pattern of trying to get away with offering WestJetters less and less for their hard work.

Whether that’s unilateral changes to health benefits that have left Cabin Crew Members without coverage. Whether that’s introducing an ultra low-cost carrier that threatens job quality and job security for Cabin Crew Members. Whether that’s intimidation from management and the shameful termination of Cabin Crew Members on long-term disability. Or whether it’s underpaying Cabin Crew Members for the hours put in.

While WestJet management may think otherwise, CUPE believes that you, WestJetters, deserve much more than just the bare minimum. Whether it’s an issue involving health and safety, or job security, your benefits, or your compensation, CUPE is here to give you a strong voice at work and to help you continue to make your jobs better.

A fair contract and strong representation are within reach. Sign a card to join CUPE today.