Take CUPE’s latest airlines health and safety survey

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Flight attendants with CUPE benefit from thirty years of health and safety expertise, and continually improving collective agreements to keep members safe at work.

Members also benefit from CUPE having a dedicated seat on the federal government’s regulatory committee on airline safety – meaning members have a direct line into important discussions that impact their safety at work. We continue to use this advantage to voice the concerns of flight attendants and to improve regulations to protect and promote their safety.

The best way for CUPE to advocate on behalf of our flight attendant members is to hear from members directly. One of the ways CUPE hears from members is through surveys, like the one below.

CUPE’s Health and Safety Branch recently sent this survey out to our nearly 12,000 flight attendant members across Canada to get their views on issues related to fatigue. With the increase in workload caused by the reduction in flight attendant-to-passenger ratios and minimal amounts of rest between flights, many CUPE flight attendants are reporting increased fatigue and concerns about its impact on performance.

Take the survey to get a firsthand look at how CUPE will work to hear directly from WestJet Cabin Crew members to bring their concerns directly to the federal government.

The survey is confidential. Though this is not an official study, CUPE will aggregate and share the data about fatigue once the study is completed.