As WestJet pushes back, support for a union continues to grow

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It has come to our attention that management has sent yet another unnecessary e-mail to Cabin Crew Members as an intimidation tactic to try and quell growing support for the union. We’re sorry you have to keep reading these.

We have been receiving complaints about this behavior including confusion as to whether this is permitted management conduct under the Canada Labour Code. It is not. Section 94(1)(a) of the Code explicitly prohibits employers from intimidating or threatening any person who is encouraging others to join a union. This is law.

We appreciate that WestJet management has affirmed your freedom of expression and association. You have the right to voice your support for CUPE. In fact, we encourage our supporters to use their influence and personal networks to speak to other WestJetters about CUPE so that we can get you the genuine representation you need as quickly as possible. This is truth.

The right of employees to organize for a union is protected by law. The Canada Labour Code does not limit the right of unions and employees to organize on company premises outside of working hours, including paid breaks and rest periods.

CUPE supporters have the right to distribute, disseminate and receive information about the union, and the right to sign a membership card.

WestJet must comply with the Canada Labour Code and cannot intimidate, threaten, discipline or dismiss any WestJetter for their involvement in the union drive or support for CUPE.  CUPE has run a clean campaign and will continue to do so in the face of WestJet management’s threats and intimidation. This is fact.

If sending mass e-mails threatening its respected, dedicated, long-serving employees is reflective of WestJet’s preferred “direct relationship” with CCMs, it’s never been more clear why WestJetters need CUPE. This is reality.

Haven’t signed a card yet? Sign up here and we will send you a card in the mail today.