Happy 2018 from your CUPE organizing team!

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As we enter a new year, we’re looking back on what our growing team achieved in 2017, and all of the things we’ll accomplish together in the year ahead.

Since the drive for a fair contract and strong representation at WestJet began last spring, we’ve grown from a small core of activists to several dozen dedicated organizers. And we continue to grow with each passing week.

In 2017, we had thousands of conversations with WestJetters who love their jobs but want to see their working conditions improve.

And in airports across the country, at meet-and-greets, and on social media, the buzz is continuing to grow about how organizing with CUPE can help WestJetters create that real change at work.

Beyond getting the word out and helping WestJetters get organized, CUPE stepped up to represent WestJetters facing disciplinary action and threats.

  • We also spoke out to create public awareness about the issues facing flight attendants at WestJet and across the airline sector, like lowering the 1:50 flight attendant-passenger ratio.
  • Our airline sector continued to grow, as we were thrilled to welcome flight attendants at Air Georgian and Flair Airlines into the CUPE family – and flight attendants at other airlines are starting to show interest in CUPE too.
  • Across Canada, CUPE flight attendant locals are enjoying healthy labour relations, as they work together with their employers to achieve their goals. For years, all of our locals have concluded agreements without any work disruption.
  • At over $95 million, our national strike fund is strong and there for our members when they need it. CUPE’s Airline Division is also ready to financially support new locals joining CUPE until they find their feet.
  • At CUPE’s National Convention in Toronto in October, union members were happy to welcome a delegation of WestJetters, who got to see union democracy at work firsthand.

CUPE is the best choice moving forward for WestJetters. We’ve already helped make life better for almost 12,000 flight attendants nationwide who now enjoy safer and healthier workplaces, industry-leading resources and expertise, better pay and benefits, and fairer working conditions thanks to CUPE.

We’re excited to provide that same independent, strong, and constructive representation with management and the resources and expertise that WestJetters need in 2018 and beyond.

In solidarity,

Your CUPE-WestJet Organizing Committee