New to WestJet? Here’s why you should sign a union card

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Even if you’re new to WestJet, here’s why you should sign a card to unionize:

  • Concerns have been growing for a while about changes to our scheduling, seniority, and compensation, and the company’s plans for an ultra low-cost carrier
  • WestJet recently increased probation for new employees from six months to twelve months
  • WestJet recently took away weekend per diems for Cabin Crew Members based in YYZ or YVR who are in YYC for four-week initial training
  • WestJet also restructured our benefits so that many employees who used to qualify are now being denied
  • Signing a card is completely confidential – at no time will WestJet know whether you’ve signed a union card
  • Flight attendants at almost every other airline in Canada are unionized – but at WestJet, we’re still missing out on the benefits and protections of a union

As WestJet Cabin Crew Members, we take pride in our work and in our company’s unique culture. That’s why we’ve been organizing and steadily building support for unionization.

The momentum is on our side.

Joining a union will have immediate and important benefits, including better pay, better benefits, and better working conditions. Once we’re unionized, we’ll get the good contract and protections we deserve, and we’ll keep working to make WestJet employment conditions the best in the industry.

With CUPE, we’re ready to remedy these issues at the bargaining table. Sign a union card today!