Good value for your dues dollar

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As a CUPE member, you have a vote in deciding how much you’ll pay in dues and how your local spends its funds. So you can be sure you get good value for your money.

Each CUPE local sets its own dues, depending on needs and priorities. For most new locals, members pay between one and two cents for each dollar they earn in regular wages.

If dues are two cents on the dollar, more than one half remains with the local. These funds cover the cost of daily operations of your local, such as office spaces, a local newsletter, or committee expenses. They can also pay for members to take union education and training or attend conventions, and cover the cost of joining the district council, provincial division, and labour federation.

Less than one cent on the dollar is sent to CUPE National. These funds are used mainly to hire staff who work with you to bargain strong contracts to improve your working conditions, including specialists like lawyers and researchers. Another portion funds courses and materials that help you tackle problems in the workplace. And a portion goes directly into special funds to ensure CUPE members have the resources to defend their jobs and improve their wages.

With CUPE you get your money’s worth.

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National expenses

  • 11% Administration
  • 6% Materials
  • 3% Union affiliations
  • 10% Defence funds
  • 70% Staff

Local expenses

Union dues are tax deductible with CUPE and members may choose whether to pay dues before a collective agreement is ratified.