CUPE members decide their schedules

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Schedules are the centre of a cabin crew member’s livelihood. As you know, they dictate where you go and how much time you have with your loved ones. Many of you have commitments that rely on you. And only knowing what your next month looks like a week before it begins makes it difficult to plan your lives.

CUPE flight attendant locals have dealt with the same issues relating to schedules. But through collective bargaining, they have created contract language and rules around scheduling that protect them and suit their needs. Some even managed to set specific timelines with penalties imposed on the employer if those parameters aren’t being followed. Another example includes block guarantee if errors occur.

Scheduling committees made up of cabin crew meet each month to verify that all the block rules pertaining to awarded blocks are respected. They also make sure that the pairings respect the collective agreement pre-departure for the bidding period (such as duty time, crew rest, so on) as well as post-arrival. They even have mechanisms to compensate the aggrieved cabin crew. These compensations can range from having a flight paid, being award a day off, or adding them as extra cabin crew on the flight they should have been awarded. In some cases, they are removed from flights they should not have been scheduled on with full pay and benefits!

Working together, CUPE will help WestJet Cabin Crew achieve a strong collective agreement that fits their needs and priorities. We do this by surveying the membership, working with your elected bargaining committee to draft proposals, and delivering on them at the bargaining table. And that’s in addition to a range of industry-leading specialists assigned to your sector, including legal, research, communications, and pension experts.

But at the end of the day, it will be WestJet Cabin Crew who are in control of your union and your priorities. Each step of the way, you will have CUPE’s support to get the fair contract and strong representation you need and deserve.

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