Setting the record straight – CUPE is proud to run a clean campaign

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First off, we would like to recognize the hard work of WPFAA and its intention to make WestJet a better place for its workers . In moments like these, where the stress is high, it is easy to lose perspective. That said, now is not the time to spread lies. These WPFAA lies are adding up and we want to set the record straight with some hard facts.

Fact: CUPE is not a business. In fact, it is a democratic, not-for-profit organization run for and by workers.

Like all unions, CUPE is regulated by the Canada Labour Code and respective provincial labour relations legislations. CUPE is adherent to a constitution, bylaws, and structures of accountability. What sets CUPE apart is our commitment to democracy and local autonomy. At all levels, CUPE members make the decisions about what the union does by majority vote. Autonomy means that CUPE locals are accountable first to their local membership.

CUPE dues are set by a democratic process. Dues are used to support the work of our members in defending their rights at work, to organize unorganized workers in Canada, and to resource community and equity initiatives prioritized by our members. CUPE does not profit from its members.

For CUPE’s Constitution that determines the union’s objectives and how the union operates, click here.

For the latest report from CUPE’s National Executive Board on decisions that have been made and resolutions passed, click here.

For annual audited financial statements that are presented to CUPE membership, click here.

For the National Secretary-Treasures’ Report of the current financial situation of CUPE, click here.

Fact: CUPE runs efficient certification campaigns. The average length of an organizing drive is measured in weeks, not years, unlike some.

CUPE has significantly more resources, professional organizing staff, and other airline members to support a drive than any other organization across the country. Unlike other organizations, CUPE will not make false promises on certification timelines.

Fact: There is no reason an employer cannot have an open-door policy and various avenues for feedback in a unionized workplace.

Communication between the Employer and workers is not limited to union representatives. For the employer to pretend otherwise is merely a tactic to attempt to pit workers against their union.

Fact: CUPE is running a clean campaign. And no, CUPE is not raiding.

Unlike all the negative talk about CUPE from WPFAA as of late, CUPE is running a clean campaign. There is no existing collective bargaining unit for Flight Attendants at WestJet. CUPE is supporting WestJetters who want to form the first-ever union for Flight Attendants at WestJet.