What are other flight attendants saying about CUPE?

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CUPE represents over 11,500 flight attendants across Canada, working for airlines big and small. Having represented flight attendants since 1986, CUPE understands the sector, and is proud to offer its airlines locals the extensive resources they need to get the fair contracts and representation they deserve. Read more below on why they’re proud to call CUPE their union, and why they hope you’ll join with them to grow the voice of flight attendants across Canada!

“As a new local, CUPE has provided us with support and training to help us have a stronger voice at work. CUPE provides us resources and advice, but ultimately it is our local and our membership who make the decisions. So, don’t feel like a “big” union is going to tell you what to do; CUPE will just provide you the legal advice and education so you can make informed decisions. I encourage WestJetters to join CUPE so you too can have a stronger voice at work!”

— Alex Habib, President, CUPE Local 4098 (Air Canada Rouge Flight Attendants Union)

“This is a valuable opportunity to benefit from CUPE National’s expertise and to be part of the Airline Division community of Flight Attendants that CUPE currently represents. With dedicated staff that understands the uniqueness of the airline industry, they have the infrastructure, and resources to really make a difference in your workplace. For positive change and a strong voice in your workplace, I urge you to JOIN CUPE!”

— Marie-Hélène Major, President, CUPE Air Canada Component

“As Canada’s largest airline union, CUPE provided all the support we needed in order to achieve the objectives we had identified for ourselves. CUPE was there for us. No one from CUPE ever told us what to do; however, they offered suggestions that made a lot of sense. From the initial union membership drive through ratification of a collective agreement, our contacts at CUPE made themselves available at all times to lend a hand. And they continue to support us today. You deserve the same benefits and respect. Put your trust in CUPE just as we did at Sunwing. Your allies at CUPE will help you get what you and your co-workers deserve.”

— Mark Brancelj, President, CUPE 4055 (Sunwing Flight Attendants Union)

“If you join CUPE, you’ll still be ‘WestJetters’, you’ll still be ‘Owners’ and you’ll still have all the power to make your own decisions. Along with all of that, though, you’ll have an abundance of resources and expertise at your fingertips. Your members will be afforded valuable training and the opportunity to join National Committees that work together to strengthen such things as health and safety, LGBT rights, women’s rights, pensions and more. And you’ll have the support of 650,000 other CUPE members across the country if and when you ever need it. It’s a win-win situation and I urge you to come on board by joining CUPE.”

— Martyn Smith, President, CUPE Air Transat Flight Attendants Union

“CUPE has provided the Canadian North Flight Attendants’ group the ability and the knowledge required to bargain our very first union collective agreement with Canadian North Airlines, and at the same time we are still able to maintain a professional and respectful working relationship with the management team. Open communication with the management team also allows the grievance procedure to be heard and any issues resolved quickly. The association quickly reaches its limitation when it comes to resolving issues or the ability to bargain a fair collective agreement. Ever since we became unionized with CUPE, we have continued to improve the quality of life for our members at Local 4053 through the implementation of the new agreement.”

— James Yang, President, CUPE 4053 (Canadian North Flight Attendants Union)