CUPE takes action for WestJetters

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You have a right to form a union. This right to join a trade union of your choice is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But, you must be able to make this choice free from threats or intimidation by your employer.

Last week, a WestJet employee was unfairly removed from an international pairing by management, without notice, because of a “complaint from leadership.” The employee was escorted off a flight by two managers and advised to await a call for an employer meeting the next day. When the employee asked for representation, CUPE was there.

CUPE was able to take immediate action and stand up for the rights of this employee because they signed a CUPE membership card. We mobilized CUPE representatives in the region to be available for in-person support and preparation, as well as direct access to free legal counsel.

In addition, CUPE lawyers sent a letter to the employer reminding them of their obligations under the Canada Labour Code and asserting that CUPE is prepared to represent any person(s) affected by employer intimidation, threats, or interference with the right of WestJet employees to form a union. The result? No further action was taken against this employee.

WestJetters deserve the best representation, to be treated with dignity, and to be respected by their employer. WestJetters deserve the backing and resources of the largest union in Canada.

Don’t wait any longer. Sign your CUPE membership card today to access the best union representation.