A welcome message from CUPE National President Mark Hancock

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CUPE is Canada’s flight attendant union. We’ve been working to improve the lives of flight attendants across our great country since 1986, and today CUPE is proud to represent over 11,500 flight attendants across Canada.

And there is nothing we would love more than to put that experience and expertise to work for you.

We understand that WestJetters have something special going, and how important it is for you to maintain the WestJet culture that makes it such a standout in the industry.

But we also understand the concerns that many WestJet Cabin Crew Members have about their working conditions. We understand the frustration you have about a lack of effective representation with management when you need it most.

And we’re excited to work with you to grow your voice at work. To help make your scheduling and your compensation more fair. To help make your jobs even better.

As you’ll find out, our job at CUPE isn’t to become your voice; our job is to amplify your voice. Our job will be to give you the tools and resources you need to get the contract and fair treatment you deserve.

As Canada’s largest union, with 650,000 members nationwide, that’s an advantage that simply can’t be matched.

WestJet Cabin Crew Members are ready to grow their voice at work. And CUPE is ready to stand with you to make it a reality.

In solidarity,


Mark Hancock
National President