Welcome WestJet cabin crew members!

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You deserve the support of a national union and the resources and expertise it can provide to give you a strong voice at work.

With over 11,500 flight attendant members, CUPE is Canada’s flight attendant union.

To sign a CUPE membership application card, click here.

To learn more, contact westjet@cupe.ca, call 1-844-437-1822 or contact your local organizer:

TORONTO: Daniella Scarpeli, (416) 458-0588, dscarpelli@cupe.ca

CALGARY: Patrick Barbosa, (250) 618-9961, pbarbosa@cupe.ca

VANCOUVER: David Fleming, (778) 928-7542, dfleming@cupe.ca

MONTREAL: Sophie Cunningham, (514) 236-0175, scunningham@scfp.ca